25 November 2016

1920 Hotel Kalitaman Postcard

Credit: antique_trade (www.delcampe.net)

Postcard sent to from Salatiga to Netherlands (1920) Fine visible postmarks: * SALATIGA * 

10 cents Postcard

Credit: stampauctionnetwork

Ordinary postcard (10 sen) with open date bar from Salatiga Bu.RJ15 used as a field postcard showing division cachet in violet from Salatiga (type 050) via or to FPO 144 (vNV.R). Censor similar to Bu.RC12a

Hotel Kalitaman Briefkaart (Postcard)

Credit: ben*dav (ebay store!)

This is being sold on eBay for $14 by seller "BENDAV POSTCARDS"
The description says "Good, used 1921, stamp removed, corner wear, stains"

Salatiga doodle

Credit: Fadhil Pasau 

A nice doodle of Salatiga by Fadhil Pasau. You can see his other work here:

27 July 2016

Ngalimin bin Sarop of Runaveares (Randuares)

Credit: ‎Prinz Warren de Jisrecht via Facebook Salatiga

Ngalimin bin Sarop departed and worked in Paramaribo, Suriname from 1920 to 1925. He is from Runaveares (Randuares)

Koentjoeng Soerodikromo

Credit: Prinz Warren de Jisrecht‎ via Facebook Salatiga

Koentjoeng Soerodikromo departed to Suriname as colonial employee on 6th May 1919 at the age of 22. His origin is the village of Pantjoeran. He worked in Pieterzorg Paramaribo Plantation with contract number VV652 from 1919 to 1924.