21 August 2014

Pancasila Square 1974

Credit: ED DI's post in fb Salatiga

Pancasila square, circa 1974

08 November 2013

75 mm Mountain Gun M/1922 Bofors L/22

Credit: WW2inColor

Quote: "28 bought 1922-25. 12 with 1st Monuntain Arty Bn (A I Bg) Tjimahi, 12 with 2nd Mountain Arty Bn (A II Bg) Salatiga and 4 with Depot Mobiele Artillerie (DMA) Tjimahi. "

Dokar License (STNK)

Credit: hvschaik.eu/dokar/dokar.htm

Dokar registration, circa 1988
This is a 2-weeks registration which costed Rp500

Baron van Hackeren de Schoot

Credit: Prinz Warren de Jisrecht
via Facebook

Mijn heer Baron van Hackeren de Schoot KNIL Cavalry Commander.
The building behind is today's Salatiga Major's office.
circa ~1900

Badplaats Voor Inlander

Credit: Prinz Warren de Jisrecht
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Badplaats voor inlander = "resort for the natives".
'Inlandeer' can be perceived as a deregotary word by the local population.

Kalitaman swimming pool area

Topchords 40

Credit: Edo Widi Virgian, Ali Gunawan Sugiharto
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Local musical magazine publication from Salatiga in the 70's. Contains selection of western song scores and were very popular publication in learning to play guitars.